What color are sapphires?

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If you answered blue, the answer is wrong. Sapphires, which are a variety of corundum like rubies, may be in addition to blue, green, purple, gray, orange, yellow, colorless, black, pale red and pink (different to rubies which are red corundum).


In Eugenio Lumbreras we have a wide selection of untreated blue and pink sapphires from different places of origin (Burma, Ceylon, Thailand, etc.)


Treated or untreated?

Sometimes they are exposed to heat treatments to enhance their color, however the gemstone loses value and purity if it has been subjected to such treatment.



Where are they extracted?

The most important mine sites are in Australia, Burma, Ceylon and Thailand.


How to determine the quality of a sapphire?

Sapphires are valued based on their color, clarity, cut, size and origin. Since there is no color rating for sapphires, the selection of color is quite subjective. As a matter of fact, blue sapphires are usually pale blue with a violet hue. Sapphires in an intense blue with a violet and transparent touch are the most valued (also known as Ceylon blue sapphires). The most important tip when choosing a sapphire is finding a good balance between an intense color and the transparency of the stone so that light can pass through it. The fewer impurities and inclusions the gemstone has, the more it will cost.


If you need more information about sapphires do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.


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