Trends 2016: combine golden and silver colors

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One of the trends for this year is to combine gold and silver, or yellow gold with white gold or silver. This trend goes against the common rule of not combining golden tones with silver. In fact, watches and bracelets combining different metallic colors and thicknesses around the wrist.


How to combine them?

Combining gold and silver or white seems easy but we must do it the right way to avoid creating an overdone, excessive look.

The key is to correctly choose the pieces of jewelry that you like. Use different tones of jewelry in a gradient style, or wear one tone on one wrist and a different tone on the other. Alternatively you could use one tone for your rings and a different one for bracelets. Many combinations are accepted and are not the only way to combine these two metallic tones: many pieces of jewelry combine the two colors, which can be the perfect piece for a dazzling style.


One of the fundamental rules in the world of fashion is not to wear two main accessories in these two different tones: i.e., choose one of them for your main piece, and the other to add small touches. It is also advisable to avoid going for a look in one, single tone. As an example, avoid pairing a gold dress with yellow-gold jewelry; instead, accessorize with subtle pieces of silver jewelry.

When deciding how best to combine our gold and silver or white gold jewelry, a failsafe rule is to pair it with neutral colors like black and white. For a bolder look, match with brighter colors like fuchsia. Everything depends on the impact that we want our look to create.

Today, the trend is based on mixing and matching pieces. Unleash your creativity to create a unique style, whilst avoiding excessiveness or bad taste.

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