Things you did not know about australian pearls

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The pearls are surrounded by a halo of mystery and legends, the ancient Greeks thought they were tears of the Gods falling into the sea. On the other hand, the Romans believed that Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, was born within an oyster, as if she was a pearl, and the drops of water that fell from her body were transformed into pearls., the fruit of all her powers.



The pearls are created by a biological process in which the oyster protects itself from the particles that can cause any damage, covering the particle with the nacre that forms the pearl. You can distinguish up to four shades of Australian Pearls: white, pink, gray and the so-called Golden.


The ‘Pearl Label’ collection by Eugenio Lumbreras is made with natural pearls, so they are not subjected to any kind of treatment to enhance their color or shine.



The exclusivity of the Australian Pearl is due to its tonality, size and quality, being completely natural. This is the reason why it is well known as “The queen of the pearls” or “The queen of the sea”. It can be found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and there is only one species of pearl oyster that produces it: the Pinctada Máxima. Depending the Pinctada Maxima the pearl will have a different shade, for example, the Pinctada Maxima of the “golden lips” breeds the golden and champagne color pearl known as Golden; while in the Pinctada Maxima of the “white lips” the tonality of the pearls is usually white, pink or gray.


The Australian Pearl possesses an unbeatable elegance and beauty, while reflecting the femininity in its pure state, with a classic touch that shows the savoir faire of Eugenio Lumbreras’ high jewelry: taking care of each detail to the maximum to strive for perfection in every detail.

That is why it has always been and will always be a classic among the classics, used generation after generation by women of all ages enhancing their beauty and bringing light and elegance.

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