Each of Eugenio Lumbreras’ designs is handmade using materials of the highest quality. Thanks to the dedication and experience of the expert goldsmiths of Eugenio Lumbreras’ workshops, they can make adjustments, transformations, repairs, and personalized designs. They are able to personalize pieces of jewelry so you can select the materials and design of your choice.

The master craftsmen breathing life into Eugenio Lumbreras’ jewels work through a long and meticulous creation process. It is a creative process that begins with an idea embodied in a handmade drawing, ending with the final details of the piece. All of Eugenio Lumbreras jewelry is unique thanks to the extreme care and professionalism of a team dedicated to maintaining the artisanal traditional values of the Spanish Fine Jewelry.


The artisanal process of creating a piece of jewelry begins with an idea and with sketches drawn using pencils of varying thickness and/or watercolors. This is a creative and innovative handmade work using materials and precious stones that feature each design.


The next step is carried out by hand using a silver or gold prototype that serves to make rubber molds for various pieces separated according to the prototype. This technique is called lost-wax casting.


Once the rubber molds are made according to the prototype, they are injected with jewelry wax.Then the pieces are connected one by one until they make a wax tree which will be replaced with gold after the smelting process is complete. After the modeling and smelting processes comes the assembly, polishing, and quality control of the pieces.


Next comes the rigorous process of selecting the precious stones following the high quality standards of Eugenio Lumbreras by color, purity, size, and weight to then set them in the piece.


Finally, the piece is polished until reaching the metal’s maximum shine. The white gold and platinum pieces receive a rhodium bath to further enhance their beauty.