In 1976, Eugenio Lumbreras’ story began with continuous growth and creativity, making it a world reference today for Spanish Fine Jewelry.

Thanks to its creator’s efforts and dedication, the brand has gradually been accepted among the best, always knowing how to adapt to new trends and to the market. By combining new materials and using precious stones, diamonds, and unique pearls, the brand has become a model for innovation and design capable of conveying emotions.

Eugenio Lumbreras is currently continuing to make history through its jewelry. Eugenio Lumbreras’ stones and materials are carefully selected according to the principles of quality and excellence, going above and beyond the tenets of fashion for unique and timeless pieces that transmit emotions. Each and every one of his creations is made by hand in Madrid.


One of the world’s most valuable precious stones due to its stunning beauty and unique color. Our emeralds are carefully selected for their color’s natural intensity and for their quality.
We use untreated emeralds from Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia and with unbeatable beauty and quality.

 Every Eugenio Lumbreras’ jewel expresses the quality of a meticulous craftsmanship that strives for perfection in every detail.


The pearl possesses an unparalleled elegance and beauty. At Eugenio Lumbreras, we carefully select our pearls following very strict quality standards so each of our designs nears perfection.


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