Natural Brown Diamonds

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Brown diamonds owe their tone to the presence of nitrogen and nickel. Nitrogen is the impurity and component responsible for these diamonds having different tones within the brown classification; the so-called chocolate, cognac and champagne.

Natural colored diamonds are the result of chance. As we explained in the previous post, they are known as
fancy and we can find diamonds with more than 300 colors and shades. The depth and vividness of color is the most important criteria when acquiring fancydiamonds.

Anillos Brown & Rose

Brown diamonds are the most common fancy diamonds, along with yellow diamonds. They are also the most affordable of all natural colored diamonds (together with black diamonds).

Brown diamonds are found all over the world, including the famous Argyle mine in Australia and South Africa. In fact, it was the Argyle mine, which is responsible for a large part of the production of brown diamonds in the world, which turned the opaque-colored diamond into an essential element through an ingenious marketing tactic in naming this type of brown diamond: “champagne”. This gave it a sales boost and an elegant and more desirable image.


The new Brown & Rose collection by Eugenio Lumbreras with brown diamonds as protagonists, stands out for its combination with the sweetness of rose gold and the purity of white diamonds.

A sophisticated combination, elegant and really innovative.

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