Kunzite: a collection “straight to the heart”

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Discovered in the early twentieth century and known as the stone of the heart and universal love, the kunzite is one of the most famous gems of the spodumene family.

With a very particular color that can vary between pink and violet and even colorless; sometimes it can present more than two colors or rutiles.

Over the years the kunzite has become a very popular gem due to its healing properties and its direct connection to the heart chakra.

In Eugenio Lumbreras we wanted to pay tribute to the stone that, par excellence, evokes the most sincere feelings of love, creating an exclusive collection of five designs with the kunzite as the protagonist.

Five exclusive designs that combine the unique beauty of the kunzite with the delicacy and elegance of the rose gold and diamonds.

The perfect balance between femininity and style in a collection that shines on its own.

18kt rose gold, diamonds and kunzites earrings.

18kt rose gold, diamonds and kunzites earrings.

18kt rose gold, diamonds and kunzites ring.

18kt rose gold, diamonds and kunzite ring.

Discover all the collections by Eugenio Lumbreras here.

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