Blue Sky: the big blue

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Blue Sky: new designs with the aquamarine and the blue topaz as protagonists. A new line within the Rainbow collection represented by a careful selection of jewels that combine aquamarines and blue topaz with diamonds and 18k white gold.

Blue Sky consists of rings, earrings and removable earrings: two earrings in one.

The aquamarine, stone of the same family as the emerald and the morganite: the beryl, has an incomparable luminosity. The aquamarine, a blue-green treasure, owes its name to its similarity to the color of the sea. It symbolizes hope, happiness and courage.

Its unique brightness is due to its lack of inclusions. A more than significant detail so that it becomes a great choice on such special days as your wedding day.

On the other hand, the blue topaz, a millenary stone that was discovered more than 4,000 years ago. It belongs to the family of silicates. The topaz comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes (yellow, brown, blue, pink, red, orange, among others).

The blue topaz has a much more intense color than aquamarine and is a more affordable option to make a jewel the new “something blue”.

Here you have this selection of jewelry, full of romanticism and femininity:

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