The 8 talisman jewels that you cannot miss

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Since ancient times, precious and semiprecious stones have been used as talisman. Sages in the matter attribute them energetic properties that can act in our favor. Each stone, according to its natural composition, reacts with its related energy and attracts fortune, love, wisdom, professional success, good luck, self-confidence, sincerity …

With this selection of 8 talismans you can discover what gem can become your lucky charm and help you achieving your goals.


It is well known that this variety of violet quartz is capable of transforming negative attitudes and situations in positive, calm and cheerful ones. The amethyst helps projecting out the problems and if you have an emotional conflict it can cleanse the aura and protect you from bad energies. It frees mental blocks and opens our mind so that we are able to make decisions and apply common sense and objectivity.

The Celts wore it around their neck because they believe that red coral protected them in battle and, since then, it is a stone that is associated with protection against danger. In the Middle Ages, they also associated their magical powers to attract good harvests and the Indians used it to cure diseases and lengthen life.
It is the most powerful talisman and is said to bring constancy in love and tranquility in life. For this reason it is usually the stone chosen for the commitment of couples. It also has healing, magical and metaphysical properties. The experts in talismans point out that the diamond strengthens all the energy centers of those who wear it because they point out that it is capable of opening our interior and cleaning up any energy obstacle.
The favorite stone of Cleopatra, one of the most influential and powerful women in history, is associated with wealth and the ability to influence others. In fact, as a curious fact, the last queen of the Ancient Egypt offered emeralds to her guests as a gift and in her palaces and clothes there was always trimmings with emeralds. It is associated with the heart chakra and, in crystal therapy, it is used to take care of the eyes, as well as to balance emotions and increase the capacity for concentration.
Known as a stone that protects the most adventurous and travelers is associated with good luck in the search for new challenges and adventures. Anyone with beliefs in the power of the talismans will be wearing a malachite if they plan to change jobs and meet new goals.
Today, the blue topaz is known as the stone that attributes the power of openness and truth. It is said that it helps us to become aware of our inner being and to use all the positive things we know for our benefit and to generate self-confidence. In this way, topaz eliminates uncertainty and promotes honesty, self-control and wisdom.
It is associated with feminine energy and represents virtue, wisdom, generosity, loyalty, love, patience, fidelity and purity of mind and soul. Experts point out that pearls absorb negative energy and bring tranquility.
Being closely related to purity, the blue sapphire is called the stone of sincerity and symbolizes the fidelity of the couple. It is also known as the stone of wisdom and they say that it helps to develop the will and makes us more masters of ourselves.
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